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How to Reserve a Space
USE THE LOG IN BUTTON BELOW - Not the GriffinNet log in at the top of this screen.
To log in, use the same user name and password that you use to access your Fontbonne Faculty/Staff email.
Example: if your email address is your user name would be "jdoe".
While logged in, you may cancel and edit requests that you have made.
For Library reservations:
  • If you need assistance with any technical equipment (computers, projectors, etc.) in any room, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM. IT now handles this.
  • Requests for events not within the Library's hours of operation must be directed to the University Librarian, Sharon McCaslin at least one week prior to need.
  • For issues with library requests, contact Mark Glenshaw
  • To reserve Library classrooms or other spaces in the Library for normal class, please contact Seth Carruthers in the Registrar's Office.

                        NOTE: If using the Lewis Room, DO NOT move the podium. The wiring is fragile. If it MUST be moved, contact IT during their usual hours. 
For East 120:
Please notify Bob Kraeuchi ( ) indicating the room, date and time of the reservation. 
A minimum notice of three working days is needed to ensure the room is unlocked for your use.

Link here to  RESERVE A SPACE