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  • Workshop requests can be e-mailed to Amy Peach at
  • Handouts are available from previous workshops.


Blackboard is our course management software. Not teaching an online course? You can still use this software to web assist your course by providing your students with:
  • Up-to-date announcements about the course.
  • Course information such as the syllabus, assignments, and evaluation forms.
  • Course documents like lecture notes and supplemental readings.
  • Quizzes, exercises, assessments and surveys - which might even get them to read the book!
  • Discussion boards - Get them talking, and give a voice to those students who hesitate to speak out in class.
  • The ability to upload their assignments into a digital dropbox that provides you with the date and time they were submitted.
  • External links to take them to websites that you would like them to investigate.
Our handouts will help you negotiate the Blackboard site. Training is offered each semester. Online training is available by clicking the link on the sidebar.


Fontbonne uses Microsoft Exchange for its faculty and staff email. Email can be accessed on and off campus through Outlook.
Individual handouts are available on:
  • Calendar Management
  • Finding and Organizing
  • Navigating, Responding, Sending, Tasks, and the Global Address List
A complete manual is also available for download.
The web version which can be accessed through a web browser wherever you can get to the Internet has a slightly different look and feel. Download the OW version(s) if you want to know more about Outlook over the web.


See the media section for information on how to use the technology that is available in the classrooms.

Microsoft Applications

Handouts are available for PowerPoint, Publisher, Windows, and Word.


Learn how to:
  • Access your classlists
  • Enter grades online
  • View your teaching schedule
  • See what courses are being offered throughout the University
  • And, if you're an Evening Division instructor, how to post class attendance