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Financial Aid Contacts

Meet Your Staff
There are several new faces in the Office of Financial Aid.  Feel free to stop by Ryan Hall 310 to meet you new counselor today!
Matthew Kearney, Director
James "Vinny" Vincent, MSEd.,  Associate Director, Workstudy Coordinator
Jennifer Moore, MSCE., Assistant Director, Loan Coordinator
Sarah Sweet, Assistant Director, Scholarships & Endowments
Financial Aid Counselors:
     Andrea "A.J." Jones (
     Casey Jarvis (


In order to maintain financial aid eligibility, student's must also maintain all three of the following Satisfactory Academic Progress (S.A.P.) standards:

Make The Grade:  The Federal government expects you to earn good grades if you expect to receive financial assistance.  At Fontbonne, undergraduate students must maintain an overall cumulative program GPA of 2.0 or better; graduate students must maintain an overall cumulative program GPA of 2.75 or better.

Finish What You Start:  The Federal government isn't going to pay for classes you don't attend or withdraw from. In order to maintain aid eligibility students must complete at least 67% (or two-thirds) of their attempted coursework. Sounds easy? Think about it this way: you register for 12 hours in the Fall but withdraw from 6 hours due to your busy schedule. You have just lowered your completion rate to 50% which is below the required 67% needed to keep your aid eligibility - NOT GOOD!!!

The Van Wilder Effect:  Contrary to the popular movie, postponing your degree completion is not all it's cracked up to be - and the Federal government is making sure students know it. In order to maintain aid eligibility a student must demonstrate that they will be able to complete their degree without attempting more than 150% the number of credits needed for their degree. In plain English: your degree requires 120 credits, you must be able to graduate without attempting more than 180 credits (120 x 150% = 180).


You academic progress is monitored once a year, following the end of the Spring semester grades posting. If your GPA, Completion, and/or Duration are flagged for not meeting the requirements, you are notified immediately.  But not all hope is lost.  Students who fail to meet S.A.P. are able to submit a one-time appeal in order to be placed on probation and have their aid conditionally reinstated.  Appeals are not guaranteed approvals.  The SAP Appeals Committee must review each appeal independently and make their determination based on each individual student's particular circumstances.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information regarding S.A.P.

-You must be a degree-seeking student and - for most aid programs - you must also be enrolled in at least six credit hours each semester.

  • Begin by completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at  The Federal School Code for Fontbonne University is 002464.
  • You must complete a newFAFSA for each academic year you plan to apply for financial aid.                  
  • Periodically view the Financial Aid Document Tracking section located under the 'Everything Money' tab through the Griffin Portal to know what additional documents are required to finalize your aid. 
  • SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress and is the Federal government's regulated set of standards to ensure a student successfully completes their degree.  There are three standards:  GPA, Completion and Duration.
    2015-16 SAP Standards
    GPA:  cumulative 2.0 for Undergraduate students
               cumulative 2.75 for Graduate students
    Completion:  67% (or two-thirds) for all students
                          total number of credits completed divided by the total number of credits attempted
    Duration:  150% of the number of credits required for a degree
                     If your degree requires 120 credits, you can attempt no more than 180 credits (120 credits required x 150% = 180 credits max)
    Students who do not meet one or more of these standards at the end of the academic year are not eligible to receive aid for the following academic year.  In order to reinstate their aid eligibility on a conditional semester-by-semester basis, the student is able to submit a one-time SAP Appeal with the Office of Financial Aid.  Students will be notified of their current SAP Status at the end of the Spring semester, each academic year.
    Great question!  Disbursement of financial aid onto a student's Fontbonne student account generally occurs after the first week of classes, giving you plenty of time to readjust your schedule for the semester.  This also gives us time to ensure you are packaged with the maximum amount of aid you are eligible to receive for the semester!
    Keep in mind, your aid will only disburse to your student account if you have completed all of the necessary paperwork.
    Actually, there is!
    If you are receiving student loans, expect your loans to disburse to your Fontbonne student account in one or two disbursements.  Students taking classes which last the entire semester can expect one disbursement of loan funds at the end of the first week of classes.  Students taking classes in both Fall Session 1 and Fall Session 2 can expect two disbursements of loan funds: the first disbursement taking place at the end of the first week of Fall Session 1, and the second disbursement taking place at the end of the first week of Fall Session 2.
    Refunding of excess aid - including student loans - will only occur once the balance on your Fontbonne student account has been paid.  Refunds are handled through the Business Office and may take up to 14 days to be received.
  • Students who are selected for verification after completing the FAFSA must submit IRS tax transcripts as well as a Verification Worksheet to the office of financial aid.         
    • The IRS tax transcript is free of charge and can be requested either through the IRS Web site, or by calling 1-800-908-9946. Please note...the delivery process may take up to two weeks, so don't delay!
     Please visit the financial aid website at

    Review Award Notification and Accept/Decline or Reduce Aid